Post College Football Juice :)


Well it goes without saying that when it comes to football weekends…we are not very kind to our bodies ūüėČ It is all fun and games until someone gets hungover!

After a reckless weekend of delicious pumpkin beers and ‘great idea at the time’ greasy food I could feel my body CRAVING vitamins and minerals AKA fruits and veggies! ¬†I just made my boyfriend and I a delicious Sunday evening detox juice…and LOTS of it!

Ingredients: ¬†This made well over 30 oz…so decrease the ingredients if needed.

2 Large Cucumbers

2 Large Carrots

2 Red Beets

1 Medium Size Lemon

2 Pears

2 quarter size pieces of fresh ginger root

Wash thoroughly. Cut off cores and stems. Cut veggies into ‘juiceable’ sizes.

Makes a HUGE pitcher! ūüôā

Serve over ice if you choose, and enjoy!

Just a few of the MANY benefits of these veggies and fruits:


The cucumber contains alkaline-forming minerals and is an excellent source of vitamin C and A (anti-oxidants), folate, manganese, molybdenum, potassium, silica, sulfur, and lesser amounts of vitamin B complex, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and chlorine.


Carrot juice is thought to reduce the risks of many different types of cancer including skin and breast cancer. The cancer-fighting properties of carrot juice are often thought to be excellent due to the high amounts of beta carotene. Beta carotene changes to Vitamin A in the body. Studies have connected Vitamin A with cancer prevention by its antioxidant properties that help eliminate cancer-causing free radicals in the body.

Deficiencies in Vitamin A can cause dryness and damage to the skin, nails and hair. Drinkingcarrot juice to produce Vitamin A is said to benefit many different parts of the body. Vitamin A also strengthens bones and teeth.

Drinking¬†carrot¬†juice¬†is thought to be extremely beneficial for the liver due to Vitamin A’s cleansing effects. Vitamin A reduces bile and fat in the liver. However, for the liver to reap the maximum¬†benefits¬†of Vitamin A, it is said that drinking¬†carrot¬†juice¬†needs be done regularly rather than occasionally. The liver can store Vitamin A.

Red Beets:

One cup of beets has zero fat of any kind, contains 1.5 grams of protein, 1 mg of iron, 27 mg of calcium, 43 mg of phosphorus, 10 mg of vitamin C, and 4 mg of niacin, sodium, and magnesium, as well as fiber, vitamin A, and biotin. Beets also contain folic acid and other B vitamins, which are  recommended for pregnant women as it may lower the risk of birth defects.


Though lemon is acidic to the taste, it leaves off alkaline residues in the body. This is why it is useful in all symptoms of acidosis.

Lemon-juice is a powerful antibacterial. It has been proved by experiments that the bacteria of malaria, cholera, diphtheria, typhoid and other deadly diseases are destroyed in lemon-juice.

It also contains some vitamin A. Natural vitamin C is much more effective than the synthetic one. Vitamin C of lemon-juice is very effective because it is combined with bioflavonoids (vitamin P). In addition to Vitamin C, lemon also contains niacin and thiamin in small amounts.


Here is a list of medicinal properties ginger has been known to have throughout history.

  • antiemetic/antinausea
  • anticlotting agent
  • antispasmodic
  • antifungal
  • anti inflammatory
  • antiseptic
  • antibacterial
  • antiviral
  • antitussive
  • analgesic
  • circulatory stimulant
  • carminative
  • expectorant
  • hypotensive
  • increases blood flow
  • promotes sweating
  • relaxes peripheral blood vessels


Pears are excellent source of water-soluble fiber.  They contain vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, folic acid and niacin.  It is also rich in copper, phosphorus and potassium, with lesser amounts of calcium, chlorine, iron, magnesium, sodium and sulfur.



Enjoy Being a Beginner Again


Remember when you learned something new? ¬†It was probably challenging, maybe frustrating at times, and took a while to get to your goal…but then you reach that goal. ¬†How amazing¬†is that feeling of accomplishment?!

I LOVE learning and trying new things. ¬†Almost to the point of it being a fault of mine because I do tend to get bored easily and crave new routines or experiences constantly. ¬†(Yes, I definitely struggle in the area of Santosha¬†‘contentment’¬†in my life!) But so long as we can consciously work at remaining content in our lives regardless of what’s going on, we can use this craving for new adventures to our advantage.

I was inspired to write on this topic thanks to a close friend/yoga student of mine. ¬†A few nights ago in my Level 2 Vinyasa class we were working on handstands. ¬†I love arm balances and inversions and have been intrigued by them from day one. ¬†The strength and grace that yogis exemplify while balancing upside down on their hands is such a beautiful art to me. ¬†Over the past year 1.5 years I have had to self train myself in learning advanced postures as it is hard for me to get away for workshops. ¬†I have accomplished many fantastic yoga poses in my practice this way! (learning advanced postures on your own is not recommended unless you are a certified yoga teacher) Because of my passion for this advanced practice I have been able to inspire my students to challenge themselves and train their body’s to do things they never thought they could do.

So, I have watched this friend of mine grow tremendously¬†in her physical strength since she started coming to yoga. ¬†It’s truly been an inspiration. ¬†In this particular Vinyasa class, I assisted her into a handstand. ¬†She got in it, experienced the true feeling of being upside down, came out of it and said “that’s my first time ever!!” ¬†It was such an exciting moment to see her awe and joy for her own accomplishment. ¬†For her, learning arm balances and inversions and yoga in general has been a new adventure. ¬†She was a true beginner when she started coming. ¬†Now, she is reaping the benefits of a beginners’ enthusiasm and passion. ¬†It was a beautiful triumph that caused me to step back and think, “Wow. ¬†What a moment to appreciate. ¬†I forget what that feeling is like.”

So I am inspired to challenge myself to something “new”. ¬†Something I am not great at. ¬†In fact I am choosing something that I am HORRIBLE at: ¬†Running. ¬†I hate it. ¬†I loathe it. ¬†I am fearful of it. ¬†Therefore, I am choosing it ūüôā ¬†Ironically enough, since my experience with my friend in class the other night, I have had the best 2 days of running I ever had. ¬†So I thank her ūüôā ¬†And I thank the Universe for reminding what it’s like to be a beginner.

Find something new. ¬†Something you are intimidated by. ¬†Or something that frightens you a bit. ¬†Something that excites you, but maybe you always thought “I could never do that..” ¬† This is how I feel about running! ¬†I can’t even run 2 miles! But I am going to give it my best effort and see what happens. ¬†I am going to embrace being a newbie again ¬†and you should too ūüôā

Enjoy being a beginner again ‚̧


ps~ if you decide to pick up running like me, you MUST adopt a regular yoga practice if you haven’t already. ¬†I can already feel the harsh impact running is having on my body, but with yoga I am able to soothe my body the way it needs.



Kale Chips in 3 Easy Steps


OOooOOOhhhh my indulgence: Kale Chips.

TRUST ME…they are delicious! Even if you don’t care for kale or veggies, you gotta do yourself a favor and at least make these once. ¬†You might surprise yourself and become a kale lover like myself.

Visit your local farmers market or store and buy fresh bunches of kale.  Then follow these SUPER easy steps to making an incredible snack to satisfy those craving for potato chips.

1.  Heat oven to 350. Wash and dry kale.  Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.

2. ¬†Tear off large pieces of kale, discarding the stems and thick ribs. ¬†Drizzle the kale pieces on the baking sheet with olive oil and toss the kale around in it so they are lightly coated (I use very little oil, you don’t need a ton). ¬†Sprinkle with sea salt, again don’t over do it because kale is a naturally strong taste and too much salt will knock you off your feet. ¬†You can add more at the end if there isn’t enough.

3.  Place in oven for about 10 minutes until crispy and lightly starting to brown.  Let them cool a minute or so and eat em up!

You are getting a huge portion of your daily veggies in one delectable snack.  Not to mention, ah-hem, this whole snack costs less than $1.00 to make.  AND remember, veggies keep you fuller a LOT longer than other empty snacks and food.

I hope you try them and enjoy as much as I do!

Expectations Will Destroy You


At a yoga workshop a few months ago my favorite yogi, Kathryn Budig, opened up with the statement “Expectations Will Destroy You”. ¬†This hit me loud and clear.


This year I have come to some intense realizations about how much expectations really do cripple our reality. ¬†Looking back at the different chapters of my life, I can now see how so many situations, relationships, and experiences were tainted by my ‘expectations’.

“Well I should feel this way or that way..”

“It should be easier!”

“I should be happy because I have this job”

“If we love each other it should be so much simpler”

“If I worked this hard, then I should be better than I am right now”

“Our relationship should be perfect if we are meant to be”

“If I’m truly happy, then I shouldn’t have any bad days”

You get the point right?

All of these expectations that have been preprogrammed in our minds by society, social media, books, movies etc.  have the scary power to slowly destroy our reality and ruin any chances of accomplishing and experiencing what we desire.


When I sat down for our first chat with Kathryn Budig at the yoga workshop, I was in the midst of re-evaluating several major things in my life.  I had so many doubts and fears and they were having a serious hold on me.  I was ready to walk away from some special things in my life, all because I thought I should feel differently and things should be going differently.  What were these thoughts based on? NOTHING realistic.  They were based on ridiculous unrealistic notions instilled in my brain over many years.

When Kathryn said, “Expectations WILL destroy you” ¬†chills covered my body. ¬†It was such an ‘AH-HA!¬†‘moment that there is no way to describe it other than the loving powers of the Universe. ¬†It was exactly what I needed to be told, by a complete stranger.

We can’t help it that society, media, people and so give us these ideas of the perfect life. ¬†After all, isn’t it so fun to watch these love movies with perfect happy endings where nobody is stressed or has to work at their relationship? Or the lucky successful business woman who rises to the top and then everything is a piece of cake from there on out? ¬†Yea. ¬†I wish! But isn’t it amazing how some of us (I know I’m not alone) start to really believe or expect that this is how life should be?

Instead, it’s much easier to have a good laugh at how our expectations have come about and move forward from there.

Take a moment and reflect back on some experiences in your life where you were unhappy. ¬†Was it the result of an expectation? If it was…what was the outcome? ¬†If you are like me, there were probably some things that could have ended up much nicer had we not relied on our expectations.

Oh well! Live and Learn. ¬†There is absolutely nothing we can do about our past. ¬†Let it go. ¬†But learn from it. ¬†Begin the process of letting go of your expectations. ¬†Remember, there is a difference between aspirations and expectations. ¬†Don’t let the weight of an expectation ruin your life. ¬†You might miss out on an incredible opportunity, or a perfectly loving realistic relationship.

Join me on this intention to not let expectations ruin our lives anymore.  Breathe deeply, let it go, and open your eyes to the wonderful life that is right in front of you.

‚̧ Namaste.


4 Things to Do With Kale


I have been on the quest the past couple of months for yummy ways to integrate the green goodness of kale into my diet.  After lots of online surfing I have been inspired with a few easy ideas that have become my go-tos on a daily basis.

If you have never cooked with kale before it’s time to start thinking about it! ¬†Kale is a super nutrient known to help prevent cancer, lower cholesterol, and load your body up on vitamins! Visit this¬†¬†article for a full rundown of how glorious kale is.

Below are several ways to break the ice with kale and get your taste buds learning to love it!

Morning Scramble

My boyfriend can attest to this: I eat scrambled eggs EVERY morning. ¬†After years of struggling to find a breakfast that kept my blood sugar stable (cereals are NOT the solution for me) and left me full enough until lunch, I finally found what works for my body. ¬†But eggs can get pretty boring when you are making it 7 days a week….Try this for a change..

I scramble 3 cage free eggs with a little coconut oil and toss in my best friend: kale. ¬†You don’t need a ton but a good handful will get kale into your body so you can start benefiting from it. ¬†Tear it up into little pieces and cook it as long as you cook the eggs. ¬†You can barely taste it! ¬†I also usually throw some diced tomatoes and ground pepper in and top it off with 1/2 a sliced avocado when it’s done. ¬†Sooo much protein and vitamins and your day has barely started!

PS-Because of my lifestyle I need carbs. ¬†I usually have a piece of whole wheat toast spread with almond butter and a little honey. ¬†Every few days I throw sliced banana on top for a nice touch ūüôā

I’m a big fan of having a real breakfast. ¬†It is my firm belief (and most nutritionists will agree) that you must have a well rounded meal to start your day. ¬† Make it a fun and enjoyable meal!


Coconut Kale

I can not take ANY credit for this one.  I owe it to one of my favorite inspirational yogis out there, Kathryn Budig.  This one is soooo yummy!  You can find the recipe here.

I make this at least once a week. ¬†It’s so quick and I really don’t get tired of it. ¬†Makes a great side dish to anything you are making. ¬†There is nothing I love more than sitting down with a bowl of this and know that I am putting so much glorious kale into my body!

ps~ DO be careful! Like she says in her recipe, amino acids are REAL salty. ¬†I overkilled that and the sea salt my first time I made it. ¬†Now I do VERY little of each because I’m not a big salty eater.


Kale “Green Monster” Smoothie

About 6 months ago a dear yogi friend of mine posted a picture of this crazy green looking smoothie. ¬†Now, I am not one that is freaked out by the looks of something green and think ” eww! what is that?!”….instead I think “what is that?! I HAVE to try it!” ¬† Don’t let the colors of smoothies/drinks scare you. ¬† Usually they are WAY better than they look.

So she handed over her recipe to me and I made it and fell in love. ¬†I’ve been experimenting with it ever since. ¬†My go-to easy recipe is below. ¬†But you may also find a lot of GREAT recipes here.

My green monster:

1 cup of organic apple juice (should be fresh, but just like you, I don’t always have time to make fresh juice in the morning! you can also swap it out for almond milk..but the juice masks the taste of the green veggies more for the taste buds)

handful of kale

handful of spinach

1/2 a banana

handful of frozen berries

handful of frozen mango/pineapple


Kale Chips

OOoooOOhhhhh my indulgence! ¬†I actually haven’t made this in about a month and now my mouth is watering for it! ¬†I will definitely be making it this weekend…

You will never taste something so surprisingly delicious in your life.  This is for you potato chip lovers just like me.   Meet your new best friend.

It’s truly as simple of this: ¬†tear apart your kale into pretty large sizes (stems removed). ¬†Make them big enough because they shrink a bunch in the oven. ¬†Drizzle olive oil in a medium sized mixing bowl full of the kale. ¬†Mix it all up so the kale is lightly coated. ¬†Lay out the kale pieces on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil. ¬†Sprinkle a fair amount of sea salt on top. ¬†Bake on 350 for 10-15 minutes. ¬†Keep an eye on them and when they are just starting to brown take them out. ¬†Pour onto a plate and eat!

Truly the simplest most satisfying healthy snack I have made thus far. ¬†Guess what, even the boyfriend likes them! ¬† So bake away and share with your loved ones ūüôā

I truly hope these have inspired you to start integrating kale into your daily diet! ¬†I want to help people realize green veggies ARE yummy even if you don’t think you could ever have a love affair with them. ¬†I really was never a big lover of them before either. ¬†I had to open my eyes and realize if I didn’t start loading up my diet with more veggies that I may not live as healthy and as long as I want to. ¬†Now I feel happy and satisfied with what I am putting into my body most of the time. ¬†I still love chocolate and beer don’t worry…. ūüėČ

I would love to hear some of your favorite kale recipes! ¬†Please share them below by clicking on the comment link. ¬†Let us kale lovers unite hehehe ūüôā¬†

Learn to Love Mondays!


I realize I am probably quite alone when I say this but…I LOVE MONDAYS! ¬†I see it as a fresh start to accomplish anything I want to and I get excited! ¬†You may completely disagree with this feeling….However…I invite you to experiment a little and¬†learn to love Monday’s with me!

I am a big fan of new beginnings, starting fresh, reprogramming our thinking etc. ¬†But let’s be honest: To truly accomplish all of these is darn near impossible as we go about or crazy, busy lifestyles. ¬†So, I like to play a little game with myself and every time Monday rolls around I do my best to get excited¬†about it. ¬†Why not?

Last week was crappy, you hate your job, someone said something hurtful about you, ¬†your boss pissed you off, you lost motivation, your bank account is dwindling, your house is a mess…etc….. ¬†It’s so easy to carry this stuff with us in to the next week. ¬†We all know this is SO unhealthy for us but we can’t help it. ¬†It’s our nature to hold on to the past. ¬†But it’s never too late to start training your mind otherwise…

I am well aware that MANY people reading this may hate their job and can’t fathom being excited about waking up to yet another Monday, going to a job that does not bring them happiness. ¬†If this is you, please humor me and keep reading this post. ¬†Until you are able to be happy with who you are, no matter where you are in your career/life, you will have a very hard time moving forward and allowing that great job to find its way to you. ¬†Finding happiness begins now, not later.

I’d like to suggest a few things to help you get excited about a fresh start full of happier experiences and outcomes. Let’s learn to love Mondays.

Release and Let Go. The most common thing we do is fail to release whatever has a negative hold on us.  A negative thought or emotion is more harmful on our mind and body than some of us can even comprehend.

As your Sunday evening comes to an end and you start winding down for bed, take a few moments to yourself and simply become aware of anything that is bugging you. ¬†Reflect on your past week and note anything/anyone who has caused you discomfort. ¬†Acknowledge your reactions to these people/things…take a deep breath… and as you exhale imagine you are exhaling away these negative feelings. ¬†Know that there is nothing you can do about the experiences from your past week…dwelling on it will only bring more stress and harm into your life. ¬†Release. ¬†Let go. ¬†If you are anxious or worried about any upcoming meetings, events, situations….use this same technique of exhaling away your worries and fears. ¬†Release. ¬†Let go.

If you have never experimented with breathing exercises like this, it’s time to start now.

Truly exercising this idea of releasing and letting go will slowly transform your life. ¬†It won’t happen over night…but with practice and meditation, you will learn to let go of the past, not worry about the future, and just live in the present moment.

Make a To-Do List.¬†No, this is not a genius concept I came up with all on my own of course. ¬†But it really REALLY helps me to keep my sanity. ¬†As a business owner, my to-do list never actually goes away. ¬†As soon as I finish one list, I can come with a whole new list in about 30 seconds of things I need to do. ¬†I always call it my labor of love ūüôā¬†Keeping a visual list of things I ‘get’ to do for the week helps me stay organized and therefore a little less anxious about what I have to get done when Monday starts.

Where I do offer a different spin on the original to-do list idea is this: ¬†I encourage you to start finding gratitude for your to-do list. ¬†Having a to-do list means you are lucky..yes that’s right, LUCKY. ¬†If our to-do list is piled up with bills to pay that means we are lucky to have roofs over our heads, cars to drive, food to nourish us etc. ¬†If our schedule is packed full of meetings to attend, emails to respond to, people to call back etc. ¬†it means we are lucky to have an education, to have a job (or to be looking for a job), to have relationships with people and more. ¬†You get the idea….

Start replacing “I HAVE to..” ¬†with ¬†“I GET to..” ¬†and you will learn a whole new world of gratitude.

Choose a Mantra. ¬†This is my last and most important idea for you. ¬†Start every Monday off with a personal mantra. ¬†Mantras, or affirmations, are words or phrases that we may repeat to ourselves on a regular basis to bring us back to the present moment and to stay focused on our purpose. ¬†It can be as simple “I am calm” ¬†or “I am creative” or “I will be productive”. ¬†You could also choose deeper meanings in your affirmations to include something like “I will begin to find more compassion for others” or “I allow abundance to flow continuously to me”. ¬†The ideas are endless.

If mantras/affirmations are something else you have never experimented with, please do not veer away from this too quickly even if it may sound wacky to you.  I, along with millions of other like minded people, will insist that the power of an affirmation is phenomenal based on our personal experiences.

Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life introduced the idea of mantras to me. ¬†It was life changing and I refer back to this book very often. ¬†Mantras are a part of my daily life now. ¬†I highly recommend this book!

Pick any word or phrase that will help you be excited about Monday’s! ¬†And guess what, nobody even has to know you’re doing it ūüôā ¬†It’s your to keep, yours to explore, and yours to implement. ¬†Begin enjoying the power of mantras ASAP friends!

Release and let go.

Make an “i-GET-to-do” list and be grateful for it.

 Choose your mantra/affirmation.

Improving ourselves and our lives is a life long process…but we can’t wait for tomorrow to begin the process. ¬†Start now. ¬†Start with the simple concept of Learning to Love Mondays!

Get excited! ūüôā